The digital program-controlled welding power supply consists of control system, inverter system and cooling system.

Chinese and English language switching to meet the requirements of customers in different fields.

Integrated structural design, facing the construction of narrow space on site.

10 inch Chinese interface, graphical operation interface, built-in expert data, providing powerful user data and system parameters, easy to operate, making programming simple.

Ac200v 50Hz / 60Hz single-phase power supply, European plug and switching power supply unit group are used to provide stable voltage and current for the welding system module. Even if it fluctuates within 20% of the external power grid, it still ensures the stable repeatability of one weld each time.

Built in micro free maintenance printer, no need to replace ink cartridge, one click printing and automatic printing function.

Fault protection function, automatic diagnosis function and maintain fault alarm information to reduce electrical damage caused by misoperation.

Electric welding function.

Parameter adjustment memory saving function.

Password protection function.

Powerful interval function, which can provide 10 user interval data.

Imported 200A inverter movement, reliable hardware to ensure welding stability.

PLC module group adopts modern large-scale integrated circuit technology to provide stable redundant design, and accurately control and sample various output parameters.

The connection between welding gun and welding machine adopts European quick fitting joint, and the split structure is convenient for on-site installation and construction.

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