Multi-functional beveling machine

A hand-held electric tool with versatility and flexibility can greatly improve work efficiency

Multi-functional beveling machine

Product introduction:

LFPB-15 multi-functional beveling machine is a hand-held electric tool. It is suitable for processing the bevel before welding (it can be processed into K, V, X, Y bevel). It can not only process the bevel of the inner hole of the pipe, but also process the bevel of the plate and remove the burrs of the metal materials. Its versatility and flexibility can greatly improve the work efficiency and make it an attractive equipment. The machine is very compact and can be operated in a complex environment where is difficult to process.

Multi-functional beveling machine

Key features:

Compact and lightweight design - easy to operate

Powerful motor - greatly improve processing efficiency

Small cutting head - flexible operation, can reach the place where it is difficult to machine

Wide processing range - internal and external beveling can meet the requirements for pipes with a diameter of more than 50mm

Bevel angle can be arbitrarily selected - 20-60 °

Wide range of machinable materials - carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc

Technical Specification:

Model LFPB-15
Working voltage 220V
Frequency(HZ) 50HZ
Motor power 2200W
Rotating cutter head speed (rpm) 6600rpm
Bevel angle Standard 30°,37.5°,45°; Optional 20°and 60°.
Maximum bevel face 15mm width of chamfer can be processed by multiple cutters
Machine weight 9Kg
The number of blades 5 pcs
Bevel width Single bevel amount C8
Bevel form Single bevel processing
Plate thickness requirements Minimum thickness of more than 4MM