Cutting is performed by manually rotating the machine 360 degrees to cut the pipe and cutting with a round tooth blade driven by a 1600 watt motor. The pipe was cut off after a 360 degree rotation. The powerful and stable motor is equipped with 6 speeds to choose from.

The pipe cutter is easy to operate and saves space. Fix the pipe to be cut on the “self centering” clamping device, the pipe will not deform, and the cutting speed can be quickly adjusted according to the pipe diameter. Hold the cutting head around the pipe, rotate the toothed blade to cut the pipe without burr and deformation, and the notch is absolutely vertical. Cutting sanitary stainless steel clean pipe has unique advantages. It is the best choice for direct welding of stainless steel pipe after cutting in beer, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, semiconductor optoelectronics, biology, chemical industry, oil and gas, water treatment, shipbuilding, electric power and other industries; The cutting groove of steel pipe can also be completed at the same time, with high efficiency and good quality.

  1. It comes from international top technology, fills the domestic gap, and is exported to North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries
  2. The market share of similar machinery (including imported brands) in China ranks first
  3. The cutting speed can be adjusted according to the material of the cut pipe. For example, low speed is used for stainless steel pipe
  4. The blade only cuts in at the best position and cuts from inside to outside
  5. Quickly replace the blade, which can be used for axxair cc120 and GF + pipe cutter,
  6. It is the best choice for direct welding of stainless steel pipe after cutting
  7. Conduct multi-point clamping on the cut pipe when cutting the pipe
  8. The pipe diameter adjustment of pipe cutting is fast and can be completed in a few seconds.

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Thin-wall stainless-steel tubes

Stainless steel pipes Low and unalloyed steel

Casting materials,non-ferrous metal



Copper,aluminum and plastic pipes