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“We are very pleased with our purchase of the Lite 4 Orbital Saw, the pricing was fair, quality is good and the saw cuts are true and square, with the help of this saw make our project come in on time and on budget. I would recommend this saw to anyone who needs to cut the thin wall stainless tubing at a reasonable cost.”

我们对购买的LITE4非常高兴,定价是公平的,质量好,切口真正平及垂直. 由于LITE4切管机的帮助,我们的项目赶上时间进度和控制在预算以内。对任何人需要切割薄壁不锈钢管并需要控制成本, 我将推荐这款机器。

Charles E. Haise

President, Scobell Company, Inc.

“We are using LEFON made Orbital cutting machine R4 since August, 2008 and till now the result is satisfactory. Based on the performance we are planning to procure another machine in this financial year. Spare parts of LEFON machine are comparatively reasonable. As per the requirement so far we are getting the prompt response from M/s Lefon for any query, spare parts supply etc. We are expecting the same type of response from them in future also as they are maintaining for a good business relationship”


“从2008年8月以来, 我们使用的是岚风行星式切管机R4,直至现在的结果是令人满意的。根据表现,我们正计划在本财政年度购买另一台. 岚风机械备件较为合理。按目前的规定,使我们得到了岚风迅速的反应, 从任何查询,备件供应等,我们期待着未来也同类型的服务,并且岚风维护了良好的业务关系”。
Sanjay Lohani

IDMC Limited, Anand, India, (前身为印度乳业机械有限公司)

“Since beginning of 2009, we have been using your equipment in our workshop and on site. We are very satisfied with the efficiency and the quality provided by the machine.
We had to manufacture a special frame to be able to carry easily the machine on site.”


“自2009年开始, 我们一直在我们的车间和现场使用你们的设备。我们非常满意你们设备的效率和机器所提供的质量。”
Patrice Schmitt

President, PROTEM

“It was by chance we found Lefon’s orbital tube cutters.  After reviewing through the catalog, and the pricing is attractive, we decided to give it a try.  And we were impressed by the quality, reliability and versatility.  The R4 model can cut from 4″ down to 1/2″, therefore, it works harder.  It is also much lighter than the previous brands we were using.  It is fantastic product by Lefon.”


“通过偶然的机会,我们发现岚风的行星式切管机。通过审查目录后,并发现它有很有吸引力的价格,我们决定尝试一下。使用后, 我们对质量,可靠性和多功能性留下深刻印象。R4可以切割 4“到1 / 2”,也是比我们以前使用的品牌轻很多。岚风的产品很不错。”
Lam Chin Hoe

Piping Supervisor, Millennium Technology Systems Sdn. Bhd.

“We have been using Lefon Products for a long time now, and are amazed at its ruggedness and dependability. We have machines that are hired out to contractors, and they come back as strong as ever. Value for money and a product you can rely on. I will put my money with Lefon.”


“我们已经使用了岚风产品很长的时间,我对其耐用性和可靠性感到惊讶。我们租赁经营岚风产品给承包商, 机器回来以后一样运转强劲。是物有所值的产品你可以依靠。我将把我的钱化在岚风机器上。”
Don Payne

DD Tech Engineering P/L

“We supplied your orbital pipe saw to our customer and they told me that they have considered it reliable. “

Joo-Sub Jin

President, JinHeung Tech Co.,Ltd.

“Customer is very happy with the performance of the orbital pipe saw they purchased recently. They commented that the pipe saw is easy to set-up and easy to use. “

David Goh

President, AMS Co. Ltd

“I would like to inform you that your machine orbital pipe saw is working very good…“


“我公司从2007年4月开始用了贵公司LEFON不锈钢切管机(2台),一直很稳定,没出现故障.确保了我公司业务的开展,给我公司的现场安装工程提供了有力的保障,出于贵公司LEFON产品的质量可靠,2008年又连续购买了3台. 感谢贵公司给予我公司在安装工程中的硬件保障.”


“…我公司自07年一月起使用LEFON不锈钢管切割机,两年来效果一直不错.使我公司把工程完美化,艺术化提供了保障,有利的后盾.故我们于07年先后购置了8台,也把LEFON产品推荐给了兄弟公司. 感谢贵公司提供我们优质的产品…”


“ 我公司长期致力于不锈钢工程安装, 在安装过程中对于管道的切割一直想找个值得信得过的切割机, 自从07年用了贵公司LEFON行星式切割机,管道切割易如反掌,而且切割效果几乎能达到直接焊接的效果.使用至今,效果很不错,性能稳定,使工程的工期和质量得到了保证,也陆续在各个分公司相继推广.LEFON产品,成功助手!!!”


“兹我公司系生产,安装啤酒设备,工程几乎全是卫生级不锈钢官道,为使工程做得更加完美,精工人付出了心血,只为工程案例日臻完美.但在管道切割中,端口效果是关键,很费周折获悉LEFON不锈钢切割机后,于07年初购置了一台,切割效果很是不错.性能也很稳定,给工程的进程,质量提供了强有力的保障等.陆续购置了4台,使我公司在工程施工中,简洁,高效. 另贵公司售后服务人员耐心细致,为客户着想,服务周到. ”