Upcoming exhibition: the 30th Guangzhou International Food Processing and packaging machinery and accessories

Exhibition name: Guangzhou International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery and supporting equipment Exhibition Exhibition time: June 24-26, 2021 Address: Canton Fair Hall, Zone B, Guangzhou Shanghai LEFON Machinery: Shanghai LAN Feng machinery is Shanghai Fengxian a professional r & D production: Stainless steel cutting machine, CO2 supercritical extraction machine, bevel equipment, automatic welding machine factory, we will be in 6.24 to 6.26 in the 30th session of the guangzhou international food processing and packaging machinery and equipment exhibition participation, we sincerely invite customers from all walks of life, peers, to work, you can also pay attention to the public of my company, for the first time for our participation. Exhibition Introduction: Guangzhou International Food Processing, Packaging Machinery and Supporting Equipment Exhibition (IFPE) is sponsored by Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association. After years of accumulation and development, IFPE has become an industry brand event integrating food production, processing, packaging and food investment promotion. IFPE and IHE China will be held at the same time, and will jointly build a high-quality business platform for the industry to exchange technology, promote cooperation, expand upstream and downstream trade, and enhance brand and enterprise awareness.